Accredited Training

Take your study or work to the next level with a formal qualification.

Art & Craft

Get creative with our extensive range of art and craft classes perfect for all interests, skill levels and budgets.

Business & Work Skills

Network and grow your business management skills with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Children & Youth

Inspire and entertain your kids with educational classes and workshops catering to all age ranges.

Community Events

Embrace diversity, discover new skills and meet new people.

Computer Skills

We have a range of computer courses for every skill level, from beginners to advanced.


Food is a universal language! There's something to suit every taste, skill level, and budget.

Culture & Language

A diverse range of language courses and cultural activities.

Gardening, Environment & Sustainability

Start living sustainably. Learn to nourish and grow a thriving garden (and your skills). Start living sustainably.

Health & Wellbeing

From yoga classes to intensive workshops, there are many ways to stay active. Catering to all levels of skill and fitness.


Learn English

Improve your English reading, listening, speaking, grammar, or writing skills.

Performing arts

Express yourself on stage through dance, theatre, acting, music or drama.

Pre-Accredited Training

Develop your employable skills in a friendly, inclusive and supportive environment.

Reading, Writing & Maths

Improve your literacy, communication, or numeracy skills.

Social & Support Groups

Connect with your community and discover new friendships in a safe and inclusive environment.

Special Interest

Meet people that share your passion. Book groups, camera clubs and more.