About Casey Connect & Learn

Casey Connect & Learn brings together classes, activities and social groups across 11 neighbourhood houses and community learning centres in the City of Casey, covering a wide area from Endeavour Hills in the north to Blind Bight in the South and everything in between. 

Everyone is welcome at Casey Connect & Learn. We invite you to discover a safe and supportive space to learn, connect and grow within your local community. 

Find the perfect activity, class or group for you – right on your doorstep.

Our mission

We exist to help our community to connect, learn, and grow.

Our vision

To be the place to go for inclusive, accessible, lifelong learning and connection in your community.

Our values

Connected communities

Building resilient, connected and thriving communities.

Safety &

A safe, inclusive place to feel you belong.


Lifelong opportunities to learn a new skill for enjoyment or employment.

Our houses

Going through the door of a Neighbourhood House has been the turning point for many people in overcoming loneliness, social isolation or plain boredom!

No matter what you call your local House – a Community Centre, Learning Centre, or Neighbourhood House – they all have one thing in common and that is that they are a place for all members of the community.

* Please note all Houses/Centres offer different services depending on their communities’ needs.

Balla Balla Community Centre

Balla Balla Community Centre aims to provide a positive friendly environment, where we listen to and support all people.

Our activities connect and strengthen the community to move forward through learning. The Balla Balla Community Centre Inc is an incorporated not for profit community based organisation whose aim is to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where the community can come together to engage in activities that enhance health, social wellbeing and advance educational opportunities.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Maree Cullinan, Manager
Telephone: 5990 0900
Email: admin@ballaballa.com.au
Postal Address: 7-9 Selandra Boulevard, Clyde North 3978
Website: www.ballaballa.com.au

Cranbourne Community House

Cranbourne Community House is a not for profit organisation providing programs and services for our local community.

We are run by a volunteer committee of management employing experienced and qualified staff. Cranbourne Community House programs and activities are delivered in a welcoming, safe and friendly environment, encouraging participation from all in our community.

We offer a range of programs, classes, courses and services such as: Adult Education, Computer Training, Childcare and 3 Year Old Playtime, Art and Craft Programs, Men’s Shed Program, Social and Support Groups, Health and Wellbeing.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Cherie Hamling, Manager
Telephone: 5996 2941
Email: cch@cranbournecommunityhouse.com
Postal Address: PO Box 18, Cranbourne 3977
Website: www.cranbournecommunityhouse.com

Cranbourne West Community Hub

Associate Member

Cranbourne West Community Hub, a welcoming and engaging facility that allows people to connect, belong, learn and play. Supporting Cranbourne West’s growing community, the multi use spaces and amenities aim to provide a vibrant and inclusive hub that supports programs and services for all genders, ages, and cultures.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Robyn Green, Coordinator
Telephone: 9705 5889
Email: cwch@casey.vic.gov.au
Postal Address: 4 Flicka Blvd, Cranbourne West 3977
Website: www.casey.vic.gov.au/facilities-hire/cranbourne-west-community-hub

Doveton Neighbourhood Learning Centre
(Oak Avenue Hall)

The Doveton Neighbourhood Learning Centre provides a welcoming, friendly space for community groups and individuals wanting to participate in local community life.

Activities at the centre include:

English as a Second Language community adult classes, Computers, Bookkeeping, Hospitality, Horticulture, Hobby, out and about, support groups, HACC PAG funded programs and many other programs.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Paula Correia, Manager
Telephone: 9791 1449
Email: info@dovetonnlc.com.au
Postal Address: PO Box 104, Doveton 3177
Website: www.dovetonnlc.net.au

Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre

The Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre Inc is a not for profit adult education centre that delivers a range of affordable activities including English classes; computer classes for seniors and beginners and a variety of craft and recreational exercise classes. There are also a number of weekly friendship social groups where people can get together to share a common interest for a minimal cost.

The friendly and welcoming staff aim to create a fun place where members of the community feel respected and accepted. The Neighbourhood Centre is centrally located only 100 metres from the library and is also a meeting place for local community groups.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Trudy Buchanan, Manager
Telephone: 9700 3789
Email: info@ehillsnc.org.au
Postal Address: PO Box 216, Endeavour Hills 3802
Website: www.ehillsnc.org.au

Foundation Learning Centre

Foundation Learning Centre (FLC) is a community based education and human services organisation based in Narre Warren.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that champions community development through education.

Our current range of services include pre-kindergarten programs, youth programs for years 9 to 12, literacy and migrant english, a range of accredited courses, many hobby and special interest courses and groups and the Neighbourhood House.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Donna Dowler
Telephone: (03) 9704 7388
Email: enquiries@flc.vic.edu.au
Postal Address: PO Box 101, Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia 3805
Website: foundation.vic.edu.au

Hallam Community Learning Centre

Hallam Community Learning Centre is a not for profit organisation. Our vision is to provide learning and social support for our community. Our mission at Hallam Community Learning Centre will provide a place where the local community can meet, communicate and develop skills, pathways and learn in a friendly supportive surroundings.

The Centre has been providing children’s activities and programs for local families, since commencement in 1986. As a Learn Local, Adult Education provider we also offer a range of Computer, Language, Business, Art & Craft and Social support programs.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Tracy Van Vloten, Manager
Telephone: 9703 1688
Email: program@hallamclc.com.au
Postal Address: 56 Kays Avenue, Hallam 3803
Website: hallamclc.com.au

Hampton Park Community House

The Hampton Park Community House (HPCH) is a not for profit community based Incorporated Association whose mission is to provide community support and education, enhance and empower the local community through the availability of a range of social support and educational opportunities.

HPCH ensures equal opportunity of all members of the community to participate in learning and social support. It provides a wide range of activities and programs for the community including English classes, children’s services, crafts, computer classes, fitness classes.

Contact us

Contact: Ms Kate Madden, Manager
Telephone: 8768 8342
Email: Marketing-Communications@hamptonparkch.vic.edu.au
Postal Address: 16-20 Stuart Avenue, Hampton Park, 3976
Website: www.hamptonparkch.com.au

Lynbrook Community Centre

The Lynbrook Community Centre is an integrated multipurpose community facility that aims to:

  • offer a focal point for community interaction
  • be a place where people can build relationships and a community identity
  • be a place where residents can meet and carry out activities
  • be a place that strengthens the life of the community
  • be a place where residents can access a range of activities, programs and services

By locating many different community service organisations under one roof, we can help bring much-needed services to the Lynbrook community.

Contact us

Contact: Rachael Castle, Facility Coordinators
Telephone: 9792 7370
Email: lynbrookcc@casey.vic.gov.au
Website: www.casey.vic.gov.au/facilities-hire/lynbrook-community-centre

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre is your vibrant Neighborhood House in Cranbourne North. 
School Holiday Care to Occasional Care, Learning English to Computer Classes, After School Care to Hiring a Kitchen, Pass the Citizenship Test to Hiring a Bus, Office Space available to MYOB Classes, Job Ready Skills to a Function Room for Celebrations. Merinda Park has this and more available. 
For over 30 years the Centre has provided a range of high-quality Childcare, Community Services, Educational Classes and Spaces for Hire.
All our costs are very low, we have child minding while you study and there is free off-street parking. 

Contact us

Contact: Ms Michelle Davidson, Manager
Telephone: 5996 9056
Email: admin@merindapark.com.au
Postal Address: PO Box 7144, Cranbourne North 3977
Website: www.merindapark.com.au

Orana Community Place

Community is at the heart of everything we do to create a welcoming space where people can connect, belong, learn and play. Drop in, say hello and find out how you can be a part of your community. 

Orana Community Place aims to: 

  • offer a focal point for community interaction 
  • be a place where people can build relationships and a community identity 
  • be a place where residents can meet and carry out activities 
  • be a place that strengthens the life of the community 
  • be a place where residents can access a range of activities, programs and services 

By locating many different community service organisations under one roof, we can help bring much-needed services to the Clyde North community.

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